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Founded in 2019, SF Investments is the exclusive Real Estate Management of the SF Marina Group Sweden. Our team manages and controls the developments that support all Marina and Waterfront Real Estate Developments initiated by SF Marina Project Development, Sweden, and manages the personal relations and groups from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, who collaborate with us to help foster innovative ideas into successful businesses in the marine and waterfront real estate development area.



SF Investments is the real estate development vehicle that directs the efforts specifically compartmented for the development of Marina and Waterfront Real Estate projects. Our strong relationship with the SF Marina Group in Sweden allow us to provide the safest harbour for the development projects we manage. In addition to the securities provided by our strong Partners, the group has a strategic partnership with several Swedish Governmental Agencies that support and guarantee our participations in the developments.

SF Investments cooperates with several investment vehicles and groups in Luxemburg that are applied specifically to these projects. Scrutinised by a group of analysts, the projects undergo a strict and transparent KYC and due diligence process. These development vehicles comply with all statutory, regulatory and legal requirements of the Luxemburg AIF laws.



SF Investments is supported by a strong technical and legal team as well as an extensive international network of  banks, intermediaries and professionals of the financial industry. Our Team can tailor solutions fitted perfectly to the needs of our project partners, satisfying the most demanding legal and commercial requirements with absolute discretion. If you are interested in our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Baarerstrasse 82

CH-6300 Zug 


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